News: Catholic Guilt - s/t Cruelster - Potatoe Boys out now!

Date: July, 09. 2014

Hey everyone!

Long time without any news. I took a break.
New stuff is at the pressing plant right now:

Cruelster - Potatoe boys LP

Hailing from Cleveland, Cruelster are a weird blend of raw Hardcore and Oi. After two cassette releases (Demo and Split CS with Born Wrong) Potatoe Boys is Cruelster's debut LP; twelve songs in 11 minutes. Taking their influences from a mesh of bands, their sound is unique without being off-putting. Comes with poster-inlay. Some ltd. copies on green vinyl.


Catholic Guilt - s/t LP

CATHOLIC GUILT is a young band from Graz, Austria playing fast and snotty '80s-style US-hardcore. Highly reminiscent of the early FRREZE, DIE KREUZEN, and similar sounding bands from that period. Catholic Guilt almost measures up with Poison Idea when it comes to dashing off cogent, well-written songs that eloquently express the entire band's lack of interest in most of humanity. The singer sounds as apathetic as Jerry O., and the band is adept at stop-on-the-dime hardcore humdingers.After a Split-LP and a 7", they are now releasing their debut-LP.


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